Template for PI welcoming new student to the lab

Start by randomizing ♻️

Welcome to your PhD program in at the !

You will be working

Your project for the PhD

PhDs in my lab are funded

As your PI, I expect that you and

Work on weekends is

If you want to take time off

I expect that you respond to my emails

Successful PhD thesis requires at least

Your qualifying exam and

Thesis manuscript

I expect students in my lab to finish PhD

When working on your first-author papers

Travel to conferences

Our one-on-one meetings and our lab meetings are

During our journal club meetings we are

Collaborations with other labs

Pre-prints publications (such as BioArxv)

Authorship on the papers is

Your PhD in my lab will help you to work

You should start interviewing for your next job

If things don't work out and you decide to change lab


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